Dark Brown Clip-In Hair Extensions

Sultry Dark Brown Clip In Human Hair Extensions

Gorgeous browns are always fabulous and reminiscent of autumn colours. We love dark brown hair – with its gloss and sheen. Brunettes come in so many shades, including chestnut and mahogany, but we’d like to showcase the very best dark brown clip in human hair extensions. All of our extensions are made from quality remy hair, that is hair that is growing in the same direction as yours, so it fits in very naturally with a seamless look.

Shop Our Dark Brown Clip-In Real Hair Extensions

If you are looking for a small section of hair extensions, the mini clip in extension might be the right one for you. The mini clip comes in at a petite 2.5 cm width and a glorious length of 18 inches. The dark brown real hair clip in extension texture is straight and comes in a range of shades including dark chestnut. If you want a bit more bang for your buck, you might decide on the 3-piece extension which weighs in a light 70g and consists of 3 hair strands with a width of 16cm. This particular product is incredibly hair friendly and will not damage your hair when inserted. It comes in a range of colours but if dark brown is your thing, then dark chestnut rather than chestnut or light chestnut should suit. If you are looking for medium-brown human hair extensions, we also have thoise in stock. This piece is incredibly versatile and can be left to dry naturally, be blown dry, curled, or straightened.

Dark Brown Clip-In Real Human Hair Extensions

If you are looking for greater volume or coverage, you may find the 4-piece easy volume clip in extension works for you. You can get your mane on with 22 inches of pure volume. It weighs a mere 125g and comes in a wide spectrum of colours including dark chestnut, chestnut, and light chestnut. We also have red remy clip in extensions if you want ton unlock your wild side. This piece consists of seven hair strands, with one hairpiece containing 3 strands (25cm), one with two strands (17.5) and two hair strands each of 7cm.

If you fancy seeing yourself with curls, our 5-piece curly clip-in may be more up your street. This piece weighing 130g gives massive volume to get you noticed with 22 inches of cascading curls.

Big Volume Dark Brown Clip In Remy Hair Extensions

If you really want to turn heads, volume is the way to go. A mane of glossy dark brown clip in remy hair extension is one of the best assets a woman can have. If you are ready to be the centre of attention, you might be interested in our 8-piece 22-inch set which weighs in at 260g, or our 9-piece which comes at a length of either 18 or 22 inches. Both are available in a wide variety of colours at Hickenbick Hair, but for you brunettes, we have dark chestnut, chestnut, and light chestnut. For an extra-long look, our XXL set might be perfect for you. Be prepared to dazzle with your beautiful cascading hair.

Who says blondes have more fun? Brunette is the way to go! Don’t delay, check our range of beautiful clip-in extensions for brunettes and revel in the glory!